The Idea

So the idea of my posts, the title will be the name of a song, the first line is a quote from that song, and then the corresponding stuff can be related to the content, or just something I like.


Bring Me Home

“I’ll never forgive the world for taking my best friend.”

Really? All is was trying to do was help, but apparently it wasn’t good enough. Keep knocking my down, pushing me away and see where it gets you. I just want you to be happy but if you keep playing the victim, and keep whining then you’ll be on your own. Good luck finding someone who cares when you act like that. I’m done.

My Bio

William Constable has been described as the nicest a**hole someone’s ever met, and he agrees. You can usually find him procrastinating, or practicing his dad jokes. His greatest accomplishment 75% of the time is getting out of bed, the other 25% is enlisting in the United States Navy.

Self Inflicted

I just found out two amazing things. First, one of, if not my absolute, favorite band Chelsea Grin, will be in town in April. Which is a miracle because on most tours bands , at least ones I listen to, usually skip over St. Louis. It’s a blessing whenever they come here. The second thing is that they are selling VIP tickets are only  $50, and it includes a General Admission ticket, a meet and greet with the band, a signed poster (which makes it two that I would have), a lanyard, signature guitar picks, and finally EARLY ACCESS. I’m so stoked for that.I’m getting my tickets next week. I’m so excited!